What is adventure? By definition an adventure is “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.” That’s a wide definition, isn’t it? Life then, by definition, is an adventure!  Our friends often remark on how adventurous we are, sometimes going so far as to say that they love to live vicariously through us because their lives are boring. We admit, we definitely seek adventure out because fun is fun! We go out of our way in search of adventure and often that might indeed be the sort of adventure that the average couple does not have, fair enough. However, we would also argue that we have plenty of every day adventures that our “boring” friends have too. The difference is that we notice them. We laugh about them and recognize them for exactly what they are… ADVENTURES!

To us an adventure is defined as an experience, either good or bad that we have walked, run, hiked, biked, paddled, limped, or driven away from with stories to tell. Most times, we’ve found, that our versions of the story are hilariously different. We were both there, but perspective is everything! Some of these exciting adventures have taken place over multiple days and maybe even in exotic and far-flung places, but many have taken place not far from home. Often, they’ve happened right here in our home. Imagine, a trail we have hiked a thousand times, suddenly becomes adventurous when we have to get ourselves and our three dogs past a venomous snake, in the dark. Or when coming out of a house party in the wee hours of the morning only to discover to our huge delight, a large and hairy tarantula dancing in the road. Or maybe letting the dogs out in the back yard one last time before bed, and complete bedlam ensues! Your nostrils scream with the unmistakable burning rubber smell of skunk. The next thing you know, you are standing in the backyard in pair of boxer shorts in 50 degree weather frantically scrubbing dogs with your secret formula and a hose because, well, you’ve been there before. Or imagine trying to simply replace a ceiling fan, knowing that it should take an hour, yet 3 days later and a million trips to the store and countless dollars later, you just decide to call the handyman. Or that time we went to see a dog at a shelter, just to look… 

Here at Rooneys Adventures, we will laugh, cry, and document our adventures. Sometimes, you’ll learn what not to do. We might even answer that age old question of what could possibly go wrong? Sometimes you’ll just shake your heads. Sometimes, maybe you’ll get  a brief insight into why adventure is so essential to us. We hope you’ll enjoy our big adventures, but we also want to inspire you to look closely at your own world and own your adventures big and small, near and far. Maybe you’ll feel more adventurous!

Over the years we have had many stories based on our adventures, some of which get bigger and more interesting with every re-telling. We’ll throw in a few of those too. Stay tuned, and follow us for adventure. What could possibly go wrong?