Adventure Ideas

May the adventures never end! We’ve started a list of adventurous things that maybe we’d like to try! Have you done any of these things? Do you have adventures we shouldLife's a Daring Adventure, Adventure, Rooneys Adventures add to our list?

We’ve broken the ideas out by state or country so they’re easy to find when you’re out looking for an adventure!


We love Colorado, and just spent 10 days up there. I’d like to try a few of these!

Rhode Island:

Riding the rails on rail bike cars? Yes, please. And, Rhode Island isn’t the only place you can do it!



Kerrville Folk Festival: Are you a Kerrvert? I went to this about 15 years ago, with small kids in tow. I’m ready to go back, hang out and sing around campfires and enjoy the whole experience… you know, the grown up kind of fun. There’s a fall 3 day weekend, and a full on festival that goes for weeks.

Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest: We’ve got friends who do this every year! It’s been on our radar for years, and ding dang it, we’ll make it one of these years. 2018 maybe?

World Championship BBQ Goat Cookoff: I mentioned this one recently while writing about our Colorado trip because we drive near this town and my husband has wanted to go for at least 15 years. Not this year, honey! I’ve got us booked for the Kerrville Music festival… maybe 2018?







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